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With the technology advancing so fast, making people easy to reach at a moment’s notice, it’s amazing that we have any downtime at all. But somehow we must, because we all clock in for so many hours playing online games.


I am guilty of this, and I am not afraid to say it! My number one, favorite time to play Zynga poker is when I am forced to wait. Now listen to that word – forced to wait. This is when there has been a forty minute delay before a big meeting, the interstate will not be in motion for another few hours, the baby fell asleep on the couch, and you are not moving – seriously not moving — in anyway that could wake the baby, even if you have to strike a pose like Madonna for an hour.

buy cheap poker chipsBut, the luxury we have today is that we can look to our phone, and we have everything at our fingertips. In the past, I have always hated waiting, but now I have to admit I kind of look forward to it. If I have thirty minutes to kill, I know exactly how much time I have to play my Zynga poker game. Or if I don’t have wanted to play a whole hand, I can just go online and find way to get more Zynga poker chips from Facebook friends, or I can go visit the site where I do all of my chip transactions.So, when are your best times to grab a quick play with online poker and spend some of your Zynga poker chips? Well, you must first make sure you have access to their app on your smart phone. I know that seems like common knowledge, but you would be surprised! While some have the luxury of playing straight from home on a desktop, not all of us can. In fact, most of us are on the go a lot.


Oh and by the way, I almost forgot to recommend the best place to learn how to play this game and buy cheap Zynga poker chips. This site offers Zynga poker chips for sale at very affordable price, You won’t believe what kind of deal they have. And trust me, these boys are trust worthy!


win while playing pokerIf you are at work trying to grab a quick a play, you must watch out for sneaky co-workers who are lurking over your shoulder. Not only are they looking at your hand, they may not approve of your extra activity while working. It actually helps me become more focused when I take my mind off of work for a moment, and then when I go back to it I have a fresh perspective.

If you cut out one personal conversation a day, you would be surprised a how many minutes you save again. Just cut out that water-cooler chitchat, and you will have a few extra moments freed up to play.


Be sure you pay attention to your surroundings though, because you will get caught up at the moment. When you are playing Zynga in those times of forced waiting be sure you still focus on everything around you. Don’t miss your flight or bus because you weren’t paying attention.

So use your time wisely when you find yourself in a moment with nothing to do. You can go to your favorite site that has chips so you’ll be ready for the night’s games, or just take on a hand and see how many chips you can rake in before the day is done.

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A few websites are using white labels in order to enable a successful brand which can offer a service without any investing in creating the technology and infrastructure as well. This is like a clear definition of white label. Things are also quiet clear applied to the world of casinos. A white label casino client is not allowed to create the technology nor provide the infrastructure (financial management, player retention, player support). A white label casino client is responsible for the marketing and provides the brand name. Many other services are mostly managed by the white label casino provider under the brand of casino player. Since all services are branded, the casino players will not notice that the services aren’t provided by the casino owner.

In this article we are going to show you some of the white label casino providers. We are going to make you a list of serious ‘white list’ providers. So, let’s start:

  1. WinningStreak Ltd. This one is quiet new provider which is offering an one-stop solution for web-portal owners, online casino operators and land-based casino operators who plan to launch their “house-brand”. Also, all elements of this greatly customizable online casino are developed in-house: affiliate software, hundred casino games, Casino CMS, casino management back-end, payment services… The thing is that casino clients can chose from several casino packages and operate their own affiliate network. The main focus of the games is on slot machines and table games.
  2. Dragonfish. This one is a brand and casino resale. This provider is offering state-of-the-art casino solutions covering all services and software elements that are required to run professionally an online casino.
  3. Tain. Tain provides options for a mixture of different online casino products. From the top-of-the-range products like Cryptologic and Playtech or 3D slots from BetSoft.
  4. Viaden Gaming limited. This provider is offering a gaming platform that allows beside their own casino games the mixing of a broad range of third party gaming products. The casino comes with a feature total management back-end and a wide range of adequately designed casino games (specially the slots) which are in part enabled for mobile gaming. These provider Viaden casinos are operated under an Alderney gaming license.
  5. EveryMatrix holding Ltd. Here you can find a wide range of white label casino solutions consisting of casino management back-end, casino games and associate software in which you could choose between several leading game manufacturers.
  6. Rival (Black Chip). This provider is offering a conventional online casino solution, and also whit label casinos. It is on the market since 2006 and represents a matured and quiet complete casino package with hundred attractive Flash games, payment services and affiliate software, a classy casino management back-end. i-Slots have created many attention for these inventive slots when they were launched a few years ago. These Rival casinos are generally operated under a Curacao gaming license.
  7. MediaLive is offering beside a classic white label casino platform also a live dealer solution. These MediaLive gaming solutions are licensed under a Maltese gaming license.

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